Welcome to aBOOKS.com

Ralph Roberts, CEO and Publisher

aBooks.com first went live on the web in 1996. We’ve been through a number of website makeovers since then. This is the latest. Watch it grow.

Celebrating our 36th year in business, aBOOKS I Creativity, Inc. provides book publishing and distribution services … and much more! Founded by author Ralph Roberts (who has written over 100 books himself and is still CEO/Publisher), Creativity, Inc. has published hundreds of books under such imprints as Alexander Books, Farthest Star, Science Fiction, Land of the Sky Books, Mountain Church, and WorldComm┬«. We also distribute books for other publishers .

Our WorldComm┬« division supplies extensive production services to other publishers and individuals including editing, typesetting, cover design, optical scanning, and more. The CopyRalph division excels in copywriting, web design, website hosting, ecommerce and database driven applications, and our Land of the Sky Films division produces distributes documentaries and other digital video publications … If it’s technical and related to publishing, video production, etc., we can probably help you … a lot. Call or email us today.