Ivy in Africa: Elephant Shifters Adventure

perf6.000x9.000.inddAs Publisher of Creativity, Inc. it is my pleasure to introduce our latest release (read an excerpt via Inside the Book on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Qu3AQ5 ). Kindle edition now available, paperback and hardback coming soon. … — Ralph Roberts

Creativity, Inc. proudly presents Ivy in Africa, a powerful coming of age story. Ms. Birdie Jackson gifts us with an exciting story in this stand-alone novel of elephant shifters, wizards, callous ivory poachers, vicious Triad criminals, and deadly lizard men, full of interesting characters and action. Not to give things away, but the climactic battle to save the world on the top of Africa’s tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro, is worth the cost of admission alone — elephants vs. dragons, who wins? We think you’ll love Ivy and her friends as much as we do.

Ivy Johnson eagerly looks forward to her senior year of high school. After a lifetime of being chubby, she’s suddenly and mysteriously slim and smokin’ hot. She imagines boys stumbling into each other and their open locker doors when she walks down the corridor. But, okay, like any teenager she’s got a few problems — nightmares of being an elephant chased by deadly poachers, visions or “daymares” of lizard men wanting to kill her, and she’s developing magic with sparks flying at embarrassing moments.

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